TCMUN 2019 Sustainability Lead



The Teton County Model United Nations Conference Undersecretary of Communications is a new leadership position in charge of planning and implementing sustainability initiatives at TCMUN. S/he will work together to coordinate with IC21 staff to develop and support a conference attended by 200 delegates and 25 visiting faculty, as well as staffed by 10 students, four TCMUN steering committee members, and numerous parent-volunteers.



Pre-Conference Organization (6/1-10/30)

  1. Work with IC21 staff and Secretariat to develop and implement pre-conference and post-conference sustainability communications plans
  2. Coordinate with student groups such as Students for Sustainability to volunteer at conference
  3. Take Teton County Integrated Solid Waste and Recycling (ISWR) Green Event Survey
  4. Identify areas for improvement and implement changes
    • Identify vendors (especially food) and purchases that minimize waste
  5. Assist IC21 staff in revising sustainability management plan and marketing plan
    • Communicate sustainability initiatives with participating schools
    • Update web and email sustainability communications

TCMUN Conference Set-Up (10/31-11/10)

  1. Design and install signage for recycling, compost, and waste
  2. Clear out existing recycling from containers as needed
  3. Inform students leaders about best practices

TCMUN Conference Operations (11/10-11/12)

  1. Help attendees follow best practices for sustainability
  2. Monitor recycling, compost, and trash stations throughout conference
  3. Record waste and diversion totals throughout conference
  4. Take photos and possibly video of sustainability efforts

Post-Conference Organization (11/13-11/29)

  1. Record final waste and diversion totals in waste tracking tables
  2. Collect all signage for reuse
  3. Coordinate with JHHS clubs to clear out recycling post-conference
  4. Prepare brief report on “lessons learned” and how to improve next year


2019 TCMUN Student Leader Timeline*:

*Note that the Sustainability Lead will be working closely with IC21 staff and should plan to meet as needed throughout the summer and fall

April 2nd: Apps come out for student leaders

April 19th: Apps Due

May 9th: Student Leader decisions out

May 13th: RSVP to IC21 about position

May/June (date TBD): Full student leader meeting

Summer: Meet with IC21 staff as needed to plan conference

August (date TBD): Leader Training

October (date TBD): Adult chair meeting/training (incl. secretariat)

Weeks of October 28th and November 4th: Prep


Selection of participants will be based on:

  • Leadership positions and participation in previous sustainability and/or environmental initiatives
  • Public speaking, community outreach, and non-MUN leadership experience
  • Ability to commit to all pre-conference training sessions and prep work
  • Reason for wanting to participate as the Sustainability Lead at this year’s TCMUN conference
  • Prior MUN experience and recognitions. TCMUN familiarity is recommended but not required.


Personal Responsibility and Initiative:

Each student is expected to take ownership of her or his participation in TCMUN  and IC21 programs. This includes attending required meetings, appropriate and timely communication with other students, faculty, IC21 staff, community members, and parent volunteers, and being prepared for events. If a student is unable to attend or participate in an event or meeting, it is his/her responsibility to communicate with IC21, not a student’s parents. If a student is overwhelmed or feeling overextended, it is the student’s obligation to reach out and communicate that to IC21 staff. IC21 considers open, direct dialog and feedback with students important for developing personal responsibility and honing of leadership skills.


Applications for the TCMUN Secretariat are due by April 19th, 2019 at noon.  If you are interested, please complete the application below.

If you have questions about the application or position, please email Lindsey Ehinger (