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The 2017 Teton County Model UN conference will be held at Jackson Hole High School on November 13 & 14. We are eager to welcome over 200 out of town student delegates as well as their faculty advisors.

There will be a reception featuring a keynote speaker and our student leaders. Join us at the Education Center on the Teton Science Schools campus on Sunday, November 12th, from 6-8 pm. This reception is open to the community!


What is Teton County Model UN?

“My Teton County Model UN experience can be summed up in one sentence: newfound leadership and confidence!”

-Mercedes Dimsey, Teton County Model UN 2013 participant, Cody High School ‘16

During this simulation of the United Nations system, students play the role of diplomats from countries worldwide with the aim of passing resolutions on pressing global issues. For example, students on the Security Council may debate issues like peacekeeping efforts in Sudan or Iran’s nuclear program.



TC Model UN Blog

The TCMUN blog is valuable resource for veterans of model UN and prospective participants alike. Visit the TCMUN blog here:

Useful Resources for MUN Participation

The Teton County Model UN Blog is the primary resource for TCMUN participants. In addition, to learn more about Model UN in general please see our Model UN Research Guide.

Background to Teton County Model United Nations

Over the past decade, InterConnections 21 has supported student participation in various national and international Model United Nations (MUN) conferences including ones in New York City, Mexico City, Santa Barbara and Denver.

To enable more students from the Northern Rocky Mountains to benefit from MUN experiences, IC 21 has been working with Wyoming high schools since 2006 to organize the Teton Country Model UN (TCMUN) conference in Jackson Hole, WY.

Seventy-two students from Jackson and the surrounding area participated in the inaugural TCMUN conference at the Journeys School in Jackson, WY. By 2016, 1678 participants from schools around Wyoming and Idaho have participated in TCMUN. IC 21 continues to reach out to students from around WY and the Northern Rockies.

Why Participate in TCMUN?

Many thanks to Melinda Binks at Fall Creek Productions for creating this video. 

TCMUN Sponsors

In addition to IC 21, the following have all provided financial support for TCMUN: the Wyoming Humanities Council, the Rotary Foundation of Jackson Hole, the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole and Old Bill’s Fun organized by the Community Foundation of Jackson Hole, and Valley Books. In addition, many local businesses provide in-kind donations to help us run the conference.