Student Application for Secretary-General Position

One high school leader will be selected to serve as Secretary-General for the 14th Annual Teton County Model United Nations conference. Partnering with the four local high schools in Jackson Hole, the Jackson-based non-profit InterConnections 21 (IC21) will coordinate organization of the conference scheduled to take place at Jackson Hole High School on November 10-12, 2019. Applicants for this position must be enrolled in a participating school, and should be highly respected at school and in the community.


The Teton County Model United Nations Conference Secretary General is the leader of a three student Secretariat in charge of planning and operations of the TCMUN conference.  S/he will work together to coordinate with IC21 staff to develop and support a conference attended by 200 delegates and 25 visiting faculty, as well as staffed by 10 students, four TCMUN steering committee members, and numerous parent volunteers.


Pre-Conference Organization (5/15-10/30)

  1. Work with IC21 and Secretariat to develop and implement operational plans
  2. Work with IC21 and Secretariat to develop and implement communications plans
    • Communications with delegates
    • Communications with participating schools
    • Communications with news outlets
  1. Meet with IC21 Staff monthly to discuss progress and next steps planning.
  2. Coordinate with Secretariat and local businesses to procure necessary supplies for conference
  3. Coordinate with Secretariat and IC21 Staff to develop plan to recruit and organize parent-volunteers for conference
  4. Co-facilitate, with IC21 staff, a student committee chair training
  5. Co-facilitate, with IC21 staff, an adult committee co-chair training
  6. Supervise and support student leader use of TCMUN blog
  7. Assist USG operations in organization of committee chair setup of their committee
    • Folder with parliamentary procedures, schedules, etc.
    • Prepare committee boxes
    • Prepare set-up/take-down plan for tables, chairs, linens

TCMUN Conference Set-Up (10/31-11/10)

  1. Assist and supervise chair set-up of their committee
    • Room set-up
    • Opening Ceremonies and snack room organization
    • Technology supports

TCMUN Conference Operations (11/10-11/12)

  1. Meet and welcome all visiting faculty and provide faculty packets
  2. Lead TCMUN Opening Ceremonies
  3. Organize and supervise conference proceedings
  4. Assist delegates, faculty advisors, and visitors by answering questions, and providing general logistics support during the conference
  5. Supervise and assist committee chairs
  6. Assist TCMUN volunteers by answering questions, and providing general logistics support during the conference
  7. Assist USG Operations in publication of all committee resolutions prior to final General Assembly
  8. Lead daily review meetings with TCMUN staff
  9. Lead daily review meetings with faculty advisors
  10. Lead TCMUN closing ceremonies

Post-Conference Organization (11/15-12/3)

  1. Support USG Operations conference breakdown
    • Tables, chairs, linens returned to original locations
    • Classrooms returned to original condition
    • All TCMUN re-usable conference materials collected
  1. Support USG Operations JHHS teacher communications–survey and thank you
  2. Work with Secretariat to finalize inventory of all TCMUN reusable conference materials
  3. Co-lead post-conference review meeting/party

Qualifications and criteria for selecting the Secretary-General:

  1. Proficiency with TCMUN Rules of Procedure;
  2. Experience with Model UN (preferably Teton County Model UN);
  3. Comfort, competence and experience in speaking in front of large audiences;
  4. Knowledge about world issues;
  5. Leadership experience/skills;
  6. Good standing at school and in the community;
  7. Availability for all of the required TCMUN meeting dates (see below);
  8. Time and commitment to give priority to conference-related activities that may come up and are particularly suited for student leaders, e.g. the TCMUN training workshops in August and September of 2019 training students from other schools prior to the conference, participation in steering committee meetings, etc.
  9. Availability to assist in organizing and occasional training sessions outside Teton County in the fall.
  10. At least 2 years’ experience with TCMUN; experience as TCMUN chair an asset.


2019 TCMUN Secretariat Timeline

April 2nd: Apps come out for student leaders

April 19th: Apps Due

May 9th: Student Leader decisions out

May 13th: RSVP to IC21 about position

May (date TBD): First SG/USG Meeting

May/June (date TBD): Full student leader meeting

June (date TBD): Second SG/USG Meeting

July (date TBD): Third SG/USG Meeting

August (date TBD): Prep for Leader Training (Jess and USGs)

August (date TBD): Leader Training

August (date TBD): SG/USG Mtg

September (date TBD): SG/USG Mtg

October (date TBD): Adult chair meeting/training (incl. secretariat)

Weeks of October 28th and November 4th: Prep

Selection of participants will be based on:

  1. Leadership positions in previous MUN activities
  2. Prior MUN experience and recognitions
  3. Public speaking and non-MUN leadership experience
  4. Ability to commit to all pre-conference training sessions and prep work
  5. Reason for wanting to attend this year’s TCMUN Conference

Personal Responsibility and Initiative

Each student is expected to take ownership of her or his participation in TCMUN  and IC21 programs. This includes attending required meetings, appropriate and timely communication with other students, faculty, IC21 staff, community members, and parent volunteers, and being prepared for events. If a student is unable to attend or participate in an event or meeting, it is his/her responsibility to communicate with IC21, not a student’s parents. If a student is overwhelmed or feeling overextended, it is the student’s obligation to reach out and communicate that to IC21 staff. IC21 considers open, direct dialog and feedback with students important for developing personal responsibility and honing of leadership skills.

Applications for the TCMUN Secretariat are due by April 19th, 2019 at noon.  If you are interested, please complete the application below.

If you have questions about the application or position, please email Lindsey Ehinger (