Where:  National Museum of Wildlife Art

When:  Tuesday, March 13, 7:00 p.m. (6:00 p.m. for student presentations)

Please join InterConnections 21, in partnership with the University of Wyoming Center for Global Studies and the Wyoming Humanities Council, for the World to Wyoming Lecture Series. Mark Jenkins, National Geographic writer and Center for Global Studies Senior Fellow, will present on his recent big wall climbing expedition to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt.

UW graduate students are presenting their “What in the World?” international research projects at 6:00 p.m., so come early to support our students and save your seats!

  • Royal Dutch Shell and the Energy-Climate Challenge by Marco Polo (MA in International Studies and Environment and Natural Resources) from Paris, TX. Marco used his CGS-SER Nielson Research Grant to travel to The Hague to investigate Royal Dutch Shell’s decision making on the future of fossil fuels and renewable energy.
  • Sex Trafficking at a Crossroads in the Republic of Georgia by Misty Springer (MPA from Las Vegas NV and Laramie). Misty’s work explores the human trafficking problem, traditional gender roles, and policy formation in the Republic of Georgia.
  • Camels, Climbing and St. Catherine: An Expedition to Egypt” with Mark Jenkins. This program is a presentation about an epic expedition to climb big walls in a remote land, about Christian monks and Bedouin nomads, about a place where tolerance is more powerful than terrorism. Hidden in the heart of the desert mountains of the Sinai Peninsula are enormous walls and domes of red granite. It’s an unknown little Yosemite on the edge of the Middle East. In November, Mark Jenkins led a 4-man team of Wyoming climbers to South Sinai in search of unclimbed rock. The team lived with the Bedouins, traveled by camel caravan and put up new routes on 1000-foot walls of shining granite.  Mark covers geopolitics and adventure for National Geographic and is a senior fellow with the Center for Global Studies.  He has is BA in Philosophy and MS in Geography from the University of Wyoming.

The Center for Global Studies (CGS) brings a world of possibilities to UW and Wyoming. Focusing on evolving international challenges and their implications, whether across the globe or across the State, CGS supports student and faculty research in a variety of program areas. By providing access to funding and expertise for international fieldwork opportunities, CGS’s mission is to enhance international competencies at home in order to prepare Wyoming students, communities, and businesses, to compete and succeed in the global economy. CGS also seeks to advance the University of Wyoming to the next level of excellence in internationally focused research in order to find solutions to complex global problems. Our statewide outreach programming such as World to Wyoming is one such commitment.  For more information on the Center for Global Studies and its programming visit our website www.uwyo.edu/globalcenter or contact its director, Dr. Jean Garrison, at 307-766-6119 / garrison@uwyo.edu.