When? Friday, September 26 @ 6pm

Where? Center for the Arts Theater


The film follows the members of the Zimbabwean band Liyana, a group of eight musicians with physical disabilities who navigate a country where many of their neighbors consider them to be cursed. The funny and talented young people take viewers with them as they travel across the city of Bulawayo and into remote villages, to rural bottle shops and urban marketplaces, inside the huts of traditional healers and the neighborhoods of the urban poor – into an Africa rarely seen by outsiders, a place where tradition is not necessarily gentle, where it threatens to trap the unfortunate, and where a few fight back.

Shot during and in the wake of the Zimbabwean presidential election, 2008 and the country’s economic meltdown by an American, Zimbabwean and Jamaican team, the film unfolds against the backdrop of enormous political tension and the daily struggle to find a bank that actually had cash, to buy food although the store shelves were empty, and to navigate streets pocked with wheelchair-mangling potholes. For more information on the film, please visit this link.