Celebrating International Connections in a Time of Isolation

We are in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. The coronavirus broke out at a time when nationalism was already taking hold around the world. Many international borders are now closed indefinitely, and hostility against foreigners is rising rapidly. Global cooperation is greatly threatened from the personal diplomacy level up to longstanding state channels such as the United Nations. Global protests against racial injustice further highlight a growing sense of division within our communities. Now is a crucial time to bring people together across cultures, ethnicities, and geographical borders. It is critically important to acknowledge our differences while unifying around our common humanity.

The InterConnections 21 International Photo Contest provides an opportunity for the Jackson Hole community to celebrate shared global experiences while socially distancing during this pandemic. The contest also accepts globally-focused photos taken locally to increase accessibility and spotlight our community’s vibrant but sometimes underappreciated international ties.

Young photographers are encouraged to participate in a separate student division. Winning photos will be shown online and prints will be displayed at the Legacy Lodge to connect with local seniors and provide the residents with new views of the world while they are socially distancing. Our goal is to engage local community members in a positive, unifying veneration of collective human experience.

The photo contest closed on July 14. Our panel of judges includes Pulitzer Prize winner David Hume Kennerly, pioneering conservationist Robert Glenn Ketchum, and local bilingual artist Lina Collado.

Despite closed geographic borders, the International Photo Contest provides an outlet for our community to commemorate and share impactful moments from around the world. Together, we will thrive through this challenging time!

For more information, please see the contest rules, select submissions, and winning entries.