The Ghana trip was a huge success! Jackson high school students worked side-by-side with members of the small community of Cape Three Points on the coast of Ghana, Africa. The work included: helping with teaching at a primary school in the village, building gardens at the Trinity Yard School, and building the foundation for the first library within miles.

When asked about the overall success of the trip, the Jackson students gave nothing but positive and enthusiastic feedback.  It was a life-changing experience for most of the students.  When asked about the most important thing they learned on the trip, there was one common thread among the students; the importance of the true meaning of happiness.  One student answered, “The most important thing that I learned is how to live simply. It will be useful in the future because it has taught me we do not need material goods to be happy.  There is a way to live with just enough and that is the way I want to live.”  Another student stated, “Life is not just about silver and gold.”  Each student took the trip to heart; it was an experience to remember for all!  To learn more, visit the trip blog.

Shortly after leaving the Trinity Yard School, the students agreed that they wanted to further aid the school and community of Cape Three Points. They created “Ghana Make a Difference” and are now working on collecting supplies to be shipped to Ghana. The founder of the Trinity Yard School, Rory Jackson has purchased a large shipping crate and is in need of used laptops and solar panels; building tools; books on history, sustainable agriculture, and the earth’s cultures, other textbooks and children and young adult books; shoes; backpacks and other school supplies; and light clothing.