12:00 pm MST on Monday, Nov. 15

You can check out a recording of the video here.

IC21 is thrilled to announce this year’s Teton County Model United Nations (TCMUN) keynote speaker, Kristjan Archer. Kristjan Archer is the senior communications consultant of Gallup, an advisory firm specializing in big data analytics of employees, customers, students and citizens. He will present a talk titled “The Rise of Global Suffering and Wellbeing Inequality.”

The COVID-19 pandemic ravaged our world, but people were struggling even before the pandemic. According to Gallup, global suffering has been steadily rising for a decade. In 2007, 9% of the world was suffering; in the year before the global pandemic, that figure was 17%. Suffering is multidimensional, meaning this increase is not explained by money alone. Kristjan Archer will share what Gallup has found that is contributing to this very concerning rise in global suffering and what wellness leaders must get curious about if they are looking to drive positive change that leads to high-level wellness for ALL.

Kristjan’s mission is to help seven billion citizens be heard on their most pressing work and life issues through the Gallup World Poll, a 100-year initiative spanning 160 countries and regions.

Kristjan works on many of Gallup’s leading indices and studies, connecting policymakers and journalists with data that describes how people live their lives. He regularly works with embassies and consulates to inform country leaders about the livelihoods of their residents.