“IC 21 provides students unparalleled opportunities to gain insight into themselves in an interconnected world. How do events on the other side of the world affect their lives, and how do domestic events affect the lives of people around the world? The poise, knowledge and nuanced understanding gained through the IC 21 experience will last a lifetime.”

Alexandra Fullerparent of IC 21 student participant; acclaimed author of Don’t Let’s Go to the Dogs Tonight and Cocktail Hour Under the Tree of Forgetfulness
“[Trough Teton County Model UN] I gained a better understanding of the Situation in Syria, and of all of the complex forces that are involved in that particular situation. Additionally, I feel as though I learned more about the complex nature of International Relations in general, and about how amazing it is that the United Nations accomplishes so many things in today’s state of global affairs.”

Olivia Ott, Sun Valley Community School ’14
“I was fortunate enough to experience firsthand the remarkable impact of InterConnections 21 programs. My work with Model UN as well as the Student Conference on Human Rights not only broadened my world view and caused me to genuinely exist as global citizen, but it sparked an interest in international causes that continues to influence my personal, academic and professional life years after my high school career ended.”

Jordan SchreiberJH Center for the Arts Development Coordinator; Jackson Hole High School ’08

“My Teton County Model UN experience can be summed up in one sentence: newfound leadership and confidence!”

Mercedes Dimsey, Teton County Model UN 2013 participant, Cody High School ‘16

“Whether it’s the increasingly global economy we all rely on, the environment we all share, or the security issues we all face, the world impinges on us and obliges us to learn. IC 21 has done truly amazing work with our high school students and with our entire community to bring home…critical global issues that are coloring everyone’s future but which don’t always hit us every day here in Wyoming.”

Dr. Barbara HerzJackson Hole community member; former World Bank economist and co-author of What Works in Girls’ Education


“Without a doubt, IC21 is largely responsible for my decision to volunteer abroad with international NGO’s after high school and then continue on to pursue a globally focused education in college. They do an excellent job of helping students develop an awareness and interest in the wider world not only outside of Jackson, but outside of the U.S, that will follow them into their adult years.”

Jessica MooreJackson Hole High School ’12


“IC21 gave me the important gift of learning how to better understand the world in which we live while developing my leadership, public speaking, and writing skills. Through participating in Model United Nations with IC21, I learned to listen with curiosity, to stay open-minded and humble, and to sift through the evidence as presented. I have learned that the nations and people of our world resist easy explanation and that an engagement in my local community translates to the ability to begin a exploration of a world beyond Jackson, Wyoming, the States and my own culture.

Sarah RossSecretary-General Teton County Model UN ’10; Jackson Hole High School ’11